Organic Face Coverings for Kids and Youth | Washable and Reusable


Washable and Reusable Vented Facial Covers – 2 Layers of Breathable Protection and 2 Carbon Filters– Pack of 2 Face Shields (Age 2 – 18)

  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON – GOTs certified 2 layers of premium cotton, breathable and soft. The inner layer is organic muslin and the outer layer is organic cotton jersey.
  • PERFECT FOR WEARING TO SCHOOL – our organic cotton masks are so comfortable and so breathable that your kid will never complain about wearing them all school day! Stay assured that your kid is safe and comfortable.
  • PREMIUM-QUALITY – Our face coverings have been designed using soft yet thick woven cotton that’s easy to breathe through while keeping dust or fluids out. These face shields also have elastic ear straps that are adjustable to your comfort level.
  • CARBON FILTER VENTILATION – Our kid’s face protection provides 5 layers of protection including a replaceable carbon filter per mask.
  • VERSATILE FACIAL COVERINGS – Measuring 3 x 7,5-inches, our vented face covers are the perfect size for kids and youth ages 2 – 18 to wear when walking, running, climbing, and cycling. They can also help protect you from fog, car exhaust, smoke, and more.



2 x Organic Cotton Dust Face Masks for kids and youth

2 x Carbon Filters


Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities where dust may be present. Such as Urban cycling, Mountain biking, Horseback riding, Skiing, Jogging, Climbing, and Motorcycling, etc.

Also applies to Exhaust, Industrial emissions, Dust, and Polen allergies.


1. Hold the earloop in each hand with the nose clip facing up.

2. Position the face mask under the chin.

3. Pull each ear loop over the ear and adjust as needed.

4. Shape the nose clip to create a seal. the tighter the seal, the better the filters can trap incoming particles.

For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the mask.


Duration time for filter depends on the breathing rate of the user and the pollution level. We recommend replacing the filter once a week if the mask is used extensively.