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FIGHTECH® Dust Mask | Mouth Mask Respirator with 2 Carbon Filters for Pollution Pollen Allergy Woodworking Mowing Running | Washable and Reusable Mesh Half Face Mask

HELPS HEALTHY BREATHING: Fightech respirator mask is designed for comfortable protection against non-toxic dust, pollen, mold, fumes, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles.

IMPROVED DESIGN: Unlike previously designed dusk masks, Fightech® half-mask implements the EARLOOP design preventing the pollution mask from slipping off. Also, we equipped our dust mask with valves to reduce heat build-up inside the respirator.

UNIVERSAL USAGE: Fightech anti-pollution mask for home improvement projects: as a paint mask (non-oil based), mask for cleaning, woodwork, mowing, etc. It can also be used as an allergy mask to filter allergenic pollens. Our customers use the face mask for running and cycling.

COMFORT: Made of elastic mesh material, Fightech air pollution mask can be adjusted to meet most head types. The filters and exhaust valves are fully interchangeable and reusable making last significantly longer than your average dust masks and respirators.


1 x Reusable Dust Masks

2 x Exhaust (Air) Valves

2 x Carbon Filters


Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities where dust may be present. Such as Urban cycling, Mountain biking, Horseback riding, Skiing, Jogging, Climbing, and Motorcycling, etc.


1. Hold the earloop in each hand with the nose clip facing up.

2. Position the mask under the chin.

3. Pull each ear loop over the ear and adjust as needed.

4. Shape the nose clip to create a seal. the tighter the seal, the better the filters can trap incoming particles.

For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the filter.


Duration time for filter depends on the breathing rate of the user and the pollution level. We recommend replacing the filter once a week if the mask is used extensively. The valve should be replaced if damaged.